Why should I retain The Law Offices of Edward R. Scheine?


We are very experienced in the most complex of  New York Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability claims. We can advise you of many of the traps, dangers, and roadblocks that develop in a typical disability claim. If we mutually decide to work with each other, your claim will be personally handled by me. I do not accept all claims, but for those I do accept, I generally accept the claim as contingent on obtaining you benefits. If you are a uninsured employer, I will advise you of all the aspects of your claim and will discuss a different retainer arrangement in that type of claim. I do not charge a fee for consultations and will be glad to discuss your disability claim in person or over the telephone. If you need help give me a call: (631)951-4300.


Edward R. Scheine, Esq.