Thank you for referring us a potential client!

The New York Workers’ Compensation Claimant needs an experienced representative to maximize his or her benefits in their claim. The insurance carrier’s representative will try to mitigate or reduce your benefits. The claim process is full of pitfalls and traps that can end a claim or prematurely suspend your benefits. As an experienced New York Workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Attorney I depend on referrals to maintain my practice. Through hard work and successful outcomes I have developed a strong referral network. Many different people refer to our firm for all their injury and disability needs.

Another great source of referrals are professionals in the health care field. Doctors frequently recommend our New York law office when their patients complain they are not being paid or are being unfairly treated by the insurance carrier. Doctors also recommend our services when their treatment or payments are interrupted by the insurance carriers’ negative IME reports. We have educated and trained doctors and their staff on many processes and protocols found in the New York Workers’ Compensation and disability process. Arbitration’s, Depositions, Trials, Testimony, and the newly introduced forms including Variance courses are offered to doctors to aide them in their treatment of their New York Workers’ Compensation patients.

Union officials and their officers and membership have always been a main part of our practice. Having served medical counsel to police, firefighters, sheriffs, probation and court officers, municipal workers, teamsters and the construction trades including plumbers, electricians, and general laborers we are familiar with the special needs of the union worker. Union specific training is offered to leadership and their members. We value highly the union referral and relationship.

Accountants are also a steady referral source for our firm. We offer accountants specific answers for their business clients including ones faced with New York uninsured employer issues, including penalties and fines. We also consult and represent their clients in helping provide additional income in disability claims such as New York Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and long term disability. Many exit strategies benefit from our approach to these often overlooked areas of income.

We advise clients not to retire until they speak to us to determine their rights to these benefits.

Attorneys refer to our firm for representation in New York Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability. We offer expertise in these areas and we frequently share our medical development with personal injury lawyers. We help elder lawyers with various disability aspects to their clients’ estate matters and provide participation interests for each firms work in the claim.

Not-for-Profit referrals are our way of giving back to the disabled community. Many hours of our time is dedicated to educating newly diagnosed individuals who may do things that may affect their income and medical care in the future. Our relationship with these marvelous, compassionate agencies help newly diagnosed patients on how to function and receive benefits to help them deal with their medical challenges. We do seminars, hold events and help in fund raising. I have served on boards and have been recognized in the disability community. When we receive a referral or call to help we are very quick to respond and are honored to help.