New York State Workers Compensation Law

New York State Workers’ Compensation is a benefit provided by an insurance company, third party administrator or self-insured employer to an injured worker. It covers injuries that were caused either while working on the job or conditions caused by work activities performed on the job. In the United States every state has Workers’ Compensation laws. However, each State’s law is different. As a general rule all employers, of one or more employees, are required to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

If an employer fails to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in New York the employer may be found personally liable and be subject to criminal and civil penalties, as well as the costs of medical care, treatment and loss of wages for the injured employee. In New York State approximately 95% of all workers are covered under the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law. Exceptions are federal workers, workers who are covered under an ADR Program (Local 3 Electrical Union), New York City Firefighters, New York City Board of Education Teachers, New York City Sanitation workers and a few other exceptions.

New York Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides medical and financial benefits for covered employees hurt or who become ill because of their activities on the job.