The New York Workers Compensation Board



The New York Workers’ Compensation Board is the agency responsible for over 95% of work related injuries occurring in New York.  New York Workers Compensation related claims occur in two different ways: (1) accidents and (2) occupational. Occupational injuries occur over time and involve either exposure or repetitive activities. Accidental injuries are considered the result of one traumatic incident (even sneezing in a dust work environment can be considered a work related accident if the sneezing causes an injury).


There are three important identifying numbers in a work related claim:


(1) WCB# is the New York Workers’ Compensation Board Number that identifies your claim;


(2) CC# is known as the Carrier Case Number which identifies your claim with the appropriate insurance carrier covering your claim;


(3) SS# identifies you as a specific individual from others who may have the same name as you.


To get a WCB# you need to file a claim with the New York Workers Compensation Board. The employer must be notified in a timely fashion that you were injured. You must notify your employer in writing. In most situations you have 30 days, if you work for a government agency you generally have 24-48 hours from the accident date to give notice.

The New York Workers Compensation Board conducts hearings, issues Notices of Decision (NOD) and orders Depositions in matters relating to the particulars of a claim. Appeals for unfavorable decision go to the Review Board, who will decide on an Appeal. Actual hearings are held all over New York State. Check our  RESOURCES section for The New York State Workers Compensation Board address closest to you.