Medical Care for Work Related Injuries

The main requirements, in order to process a typical New York workers’ compensation claim, is for the claimant to receive medical care and for the doctor who treats the claimant to record a “history” on how you, as the claimant, was injured. The doctor must give his opinion as to whether the injury or condition was causally related (CR) to that work history. For example, while at work a claimant may state that he lifted a heavy box and “hurt” his back, the doctor needs to corroborate that and provide supporting medical evidence.

Types of injuries and conditions covered by the New York Workers’ Compensation Law include everything from death, heart attack, stroke, cancer, lung conditions, orthopedic conditions and injuries, anxiety, and other maladies and injuries. Health care providers (HCP) can be medical doctors, chiropractors, psychiatrists, orthopedists, pain management doctors, physical therapists, and most other modalities. The Health Care Provider requirements to treat a New York Workers’ Compensation patient are Code Letters and an Authorization Number received from the Medical Registration Unit of the New York Workers’ Compensation Board.

Lifetime medical care for the workers’ compensation patient has recently been seriously impacted by recent changes in the New York Workers’ Compensation Law. These changes have limited future care in a compensation claim. Contact our office to determine how these changes could affect you.