About The Law Offices of Edward R. Scheine

We’re here to help!

For over 36 years Edward Scheine has been helping sick and injured people and their families maintain their lifestyle through turbulent times.  When a worker unexpectedly gets “hurt” or falls “ill” they need answers quickly.  How will I pay my bills? Do I qualify for New York Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability?  Will I be personally responsible for my medical care? Will my “boss” fire me if I make a claim?  What protection am I offered?  When a person gets sick and can’t work they have the same questions and worries.

The Law Offices of Edward R. Scheine provides a free initial consultation on all disability related claims. We primarily handle claims related to New York Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, and New York construction accidents. Our law office is conveniently located in Hauppauge, New York. For residents of New York City we are able to do an initial consultation over the phone.

The Law Offices of Edward R. Scheine is here to help you through this process from start to finish.